Our life especially within megalopolises currently is looking more like a enormous spaceship or transatlantic liner. Despite all the freedom and mobility in reality we do move by specifically chosen directions from one day to another. This is why it would be appropriate to compare our living spaces to cabins or capsules by different volumes or levels of comfort. An adherence to the idea of relevance, modern living for the time that we live and create in, all that dictates the parameters of high technocracy and structural precision. Our distinctive modularity, transformation ability and pithiness are formed by the principles. The principles of accordance to the habitat we've adapted to.

Parts of success in the interior for us are clear lines, geometry forms and logic without excessive decoration. The logic when decoration becomes an indissoluble part of created space but not an addition to it. Also it is very important to make every project exclusive therefore we are always in search for different kinds of solutions, articles and details to point out the individuality of your Home.